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To help add festive "love" to our decor the boys and I spent a morning making 3-D hearts. We attached them to white yarn, which I tied to the light fixture above our eating table. I was quite surprised that this display stayed up for a week before L decided to climb the table and rip it down string by string. I wasn't upset because it was time to take them down anyway. It was a little claustrophobic in my tiny house to have so many hearts hanging around...just helping mommy out.

The boys' Valentine gifts. (lots and lots of chocolate)

This was the surprise upon wakening Valentines Day morning for the boys. They were thrilled with a giant chocolate trout, a giant Reeses peanut butter heart for N, M&M's for L and some weird bouncing faces with fuzzy hair I picked up at Walgreens for both. My gift was a new digital-baby camcorder that E gave me a few days before Valentine's Day. It's so small and cute compared to my industrial sized camcorder from the 90's that I've been lugging around and collecting years of mini video tapes. (What am I going to to with those?)

The boys' LOVE breakfast.

Ham and pita anyone? (L's dairy/egg free breakfast...notice the leftover pasta from the night before? The slice of ham and flat bread wasn't his favorite breakfast.)

Scrambled Love eggs for N.

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