love day

Last year's preschool recommended that ONLY "healthy" foods be brought for all classroom parties, so we made these using Whole Food's Market's strawberry-fruit strips. This year N's at a new preschool which doesn't put a lot of pressure to only send "healthy" foods for parties...so by popular vote...we went hog-wild and made his Valentines with full-sized Hershey bars! Yum!...N and I hot glued all the parts together. I also hot glued a drinking straw along the back for additional support of the head and Antennae. I think I enjoyed making them as much as happy-little N! He was involved in all steps and even "stamped" his whole name 22 times! (we made extra for cousins!)

A Valentine's Day mailbox N and I made for his Valentine card collection at preschool.

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