colored {chinese tea eggs}

Step 1: Pour a tad bit of salt into each of 12 or so cups.

Step 2: add a smear of Wilton- Food Color Gel into each cup. Fill with boiling water.
Step 3: Gently 'roll to crack' 12 hard-boiled eggs. Leave shells attached to egg.
Step 4: Drop one egg into each of the 12 colors. Make sure the hot water covers the egg completely. (Tip: I placed all my cups into a deep baking pan lined with paper towel. The paper towel helped catch splatters and spills, and the baking dish kept it all contained). Leave in colored water for 5-7 hours. I checked one after a few hours, and the color was not bright enough.
Step 5: Gently peel back the shells and enjoy the unique designs. The inside of the shells are just as beautiful as the eggs!
Step 6: Okay so we had 12 peeled- hard boiled eggs stinking up our refrigerator overnight, so it was time to make deviled eggs!

Pretty and delicious. Happy Easter!