halloween school party snacks

Halloween finger Jell-O
3 layers:
Black (3 grape + 1 lime), orange cream, orange transparent
Follow directions for Jell-O Jigglers,
Pour 1st layer into a 9 X 13 sprayed glass pan and refrigerate for 20 minutes,
tap with your finger and when "tacky" and firm carefully pour next layer,
*Orange Cream is made from mixing the orange jiggler recipe with 1/2 container of Cool Whip*
refrigerate for 20 more minutes, and then add the last layer.
Chill overnight covered with plastic wrap.

Halloween Bone bread sticks
Use Pillsbury refrigerator bread stick tubes.
Separate the bread stick dough and carefully stretch each piece into long strips.
Tie a knot at each end.
Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with garlic salt.
Bake as directed on tube.


tea wreath

kojo designs made an easy & most lovely tea wreath!
how convenient to unclip a tea bag that is so easily visible.
this would make a fantastic teacher's gift next Christmas.
i can't wait to make one!


valentine buttons

1. gather pretzel rings

2. place pretzels on a Silpat or parchment paper lined cookie sheet
3. enlist children to unwrap a bunch of Hershey Kiss Hugs

4. balance a Hershey's Kiss Hug on the center of each pretzel

5. bake @200 degrees for 10 minutes while child salivates

6. while still warm push a M&M into the center of each Kiss
just enough for it to spread out and fill the entire pretzel

7. Place the entire cookie sheet in the refrigerator for
10 minutes until chocolate is firm to the touch
8. Pop off the Silpat and enjoy!