the first of many

So here's my first blog entry. My little space created to reflect on the memories of the day-to-day fantastical fun I have with my 2 wonderful boys. Winter in Michigan has been considerably long and cold this year. I know it's not unusual for Michigan, but I'm SO ready for spring to return. We've been dealing with cabin fever for weeks now and anxiously awaiting the return of warmth. To break up a hum-drum week, I took my boys to a local wild bird store and decided to buy a little Lucite bird feeder with suction cups for the outside of our window. We hung it, have it properly filled to the top with bird seed, and the boys are so excited at the thought of a bird flying so close to their viewing. We've been waiting each day and nothing...for weeks...nothing. Little did I know that birds have to be strategically attracted and coaxed to a feeder. The bluebird has always been one of my favorites...we keep waiting for a bluebird or any bird for that matter to fly to our window despite the frigid Michigan weather. We've yet to have a visitor but when it happens we'll all break out in the chant we've been practicing..."little bird, little bird....fly to our window"...our days are filled with sweet little moments of wonder and fun. So...here's the beginning of my mommy-blogging journey.

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