writer's workshop

I don't need to teach anything to children: it is they who, placed in a favorable environment, teach me.
Dr. Maria Montessori

One thing on my list of "to buy someday" has been a child's sized desk for the boys. N is fascinated with writing and receiving letters lately, and I wanted to jump on that enthusiasm and support his pre-writing exploration. After searching online for the perfect desk I realized money didn't need to be spent, because I had 2 child's Ikea tables floating around the house the perfect size. I found the perfect little corner next to my china cabinet to set up as a special place just for the boys. A number line was taped to the wall, and a file folder labeled with each boy's name was placed on top. Inside I neatly printed the D'Nealian alphabet for reference. I also made sure to print their names and taped it to a shallow pencil-like tray. While rummaging through the basement I found packs of unused baby-thank you cards that were no longer needed. I started with each boy getting one pack of cards/envelopes to practice letter writing. I also found 2 pencil organizers in the basement and brought them up to fill with pencils, crayons, a ruler, scissors and a hole punch. Oh and did I mention that I did this all at midnight last night? Who needs sleep when you can set up a writing station for your kids? It was my light-bulb moment of "got to do this now!" The boys woke up and loved their new space. N has been there all day writing "letters" to neighbors and his Nana & Papa, and cutting away at various scraps of paper. We even squeezed in a valentine craft at the station! I'm thinking it'll be the perfect little creative corner in our house. L is another story. He quickly found the pair of scissors I put at his desk, snuck them from me and was walking around the house cutting various things that should not of been cut! Ummm....like plugged in electrical cords!!! Okay so the scissors are up high now and will be given upon supervised request. Bad idea for a 2 year old, Mommy!


  1. awesome idea! And I love to do things at midnight too!

    thanks for becoming a follower!

  2. i love your desk area!!! We do d'nealian here too its what our school district does so my youngest will learn d'nealian too!

  3. Yes, I taught D'Nealian for many years as a teacher, so it's second nature to me. I'm not even sure if our local school district uses D'Nealian? I should check on that!!!!