mealtime fun

Here are 2 dinner games that will keep your children... if they are anything like mine, hysterically amused from beginning to end!

The "what's for dinner?" game
I found these satin-sleep masks on sale at Walgreens for $1.75 today. They are adult masks but have an adjustable strap fitting my boys perfectly. We talked about the smells and tastes of food, as I blindfolded them and placed the plates on the dinner table. I fed each food from their plate as they described its smell and taste. They then had to tell me what they thought the food was using their sensory processes. What a great way to build excitement during an ordinary meal.
Don't Eat Pete!
We played this game as a dessert game.
I placed a chunk of apple on the game board I slid into a plastic sleeve. Don't Eat Pete is commonly used as an M&M game, but I found this cute-hand drawn version at
I had one boy put on a blindfold, and the other brother had to choose a character on the board to be "Pete". Then the player had to eat one apple chunk at a time until eating the one on "Pete". As soon as they picked up the apple on "Pete" we yelled "Don't eat Pete!" They thought this was intensely hilarious! It was very funny to watch them play! Oh and my oldest somehow forgot that he didn't like apples as he gobbled them up one by one! Brilliant!


  1. Oh my! I am loving your ideas! My first 2 are great eaters. All of a sudden (when I thought I was so great at this "Mom" thing) I can't get my youngest to eat! I'm sure he will love this idea! Thank you!

  2. Shannon, I'm going to assume it's okay with you but please don't tell me if it's not! I added a link to this post in our nutrition post for March. I used the top picture because it doesn't show your son's face. Wasn't sure if showing it would be okay or not! A link is provided back to you of course!

  3. These truely were great games! My boys were SO excited to eat plain old meatballs,broccoli and noodles. Just an ordinary dinner but made soooo much fun. I couldn't believe my son was chowing down on apples. The only fresh fruit I've ever been able to get him to eat is watermelon and oranges. (he's 4!...progress!)

  4. Thanks for the feature Katie...I'll look forward to seeing it! Thanks for using the top photo...I'll have to work on takeing more dicreet photos of my boys. I'm new to all this!

  5. I love this game idea and def want to try it out sometime.