Back in the day for one of my early childhood classes we created an elaborate shadow-puppet theater and preformed for young children in the Pontiac schools. I remembered the mesmerizing effect it had on the kids and how enjoyable it was for them to watch the shadow play. A few months ago I saw a shadow puppet demonstration on Martha Stewart and thought that it'd be fun to do that with the boys. Well...when I saw the Styrofoam packaging that was going in the trash from the new computer, I thought it was the perfect form to create a TV-like craft. N and I taped some waxed paper to the back and made theater curtains with a Sharpie...and that is how our shadow theater was born. We haven't made puppets yet...(will do someday...or just buy from http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19511293 ) but had fun collecting small objects around the house which we used to stump the viewer...daddy.


  1. Hi Shannon, thanks for coming by my blog today and for becoming a follower!

    When I read this post and saw Pontiac, I had to go over to your profile right away and yep there it was Michigan! Way back in the day I used to go dancing in Pontiac at Industry and have seen some concerts in that area too.

    This is a cute idea, and I really like the food game you posted on earlier. I'm looking for ideas to feature on my other blog http://abcand123learning.blogspot.com/ and would love to feature that one and this puppet theater idea too! I'm not sure when they'll fit in the schedule but I have noted down their URL.

    I am sure you have lots of great activities that you do with your boys and am looking forward to seeing more of them!

    When we do features, we like to use a picture, give a brief description, and provide a direct link back to you. Please let me know if it would be permissible to so!

    Thanks and so nice to "meet" you!

  2. I LOVE this shadow puppet show! My kiddos would love it too. My hubby is in the computer biz so I'm gonna have him save me one of those styrofoam pieces.

  3. Katie I spent many Friday nights at Industry back in the day also!!! How fun. Feel free to use my ideas with a link back to http://flytomywindow.blogspot.com any time. How exciting...I'm new to blogging and have never had any of my ideas featured on another blog. Thanks!I had fun visiting your blog today and am glad I came across it. Thanks for your kind comment.


  4. I love the shadow theatre! Thanks for the inspiration. My girls would love to do this.

  5. Such a cute idea! Love the shadow box theatre. Jill and Em and I will have to make this. Thanks Shannon for sharing.

  6. Hi Shannon! Thanks for following my blog. I'll return the favor. LOVE this post. What a fun and easy idea. I hate throwing out styrofoam! I'd love any other ideas you have for reusing that stuff.