pure mischief

The boys created their first Leprechaun trap last week. They were very into the story That's What Leprechauns Do, by Eve Bunting and wanted to catch one of those mischievous tiny men.
We set up our trap the night before St. Patrick's Day and N found a toy ladder to help the Wee One out.
We did attract one to our trap that night, and he did cause some havoc! Chairs toppled over, beaded chains hanging around, golden coins strewn over the house, he even painted the toenails of the boys scarlet red while they slept! The toilet was colored a shade of blue which magically turned green as N pottied on it! (cute lesson on color mixing)
"Wee Freckles" as we came to know his name even left a note for the boys upon waking. The magical wonder was almost as good as Santa Claus for the boys. They bought the whole shebang! I'm having so much fun being Mommy, and think it's so important to foster little ones' imaginations.

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  1. My second grade teacher did something like this...she changed all the paper to green, made glittery footprints walk up the wall and onto the ceiling and had us looking for a Leprechaun all day. She even put green Easter hay in all of our desks. I am 28 and still remember how much fun it was!!